What are IT services?

IT stands for Information Technology. So basically IT services are any all services that are preformed on computers, their networks, and for their users. IT services can be anything from routine computer maintenence to setting up a corporate network for 100 users in two different buildings. The options are literally endless.

How can DigitalWeb offer all of these endless IT services?

The truth is we can't! No one can. However, we can offer you a wide array of products and services that are tailored to your individual needs. If your needs are outside of our scope, we will recognize this, be honest with you about it, and bring in one of our partners who can assist you with your problem.

What can DigitalWeb offer?

DigitalWeb is a small business. We understand the needs of small businesses and we can tailor a solution that is unique to your company. We have developed the list below to give you a brief sampling of our services, as a supplement to these we can offer a whole host of additional services that are just too numerous to list. If what you are looking for is not listed, just ask us, and chances are we can help!

 -Design, Implementation and Maintenance
 -Peer to Peer Networks
 -Network Servers
 -Mixed-OS Networks

 -Virus Eradication
 -Virus Prevention
 -Firewall Implementation


 -Implementation of a Backup Strategy

And much more...